What makes Wiwee Baby Wrap so special?

Wiwee Baby Wrap is made of high-quality cotton combined with spandex in order to achieve higher elasticity and give more comfort to your baby.  Due to the versatile colour it can be used as a perfect accessory to match with all your outfits. Humorous embroidered writing showing the attitude of your baby that his/her mom is the best one in this world and that he/she is not willing to share with anybody enforces the uniqueness of your baby wrap. So do not hesitate, be unique and step out from the crowd!

A few reasons to carry your baby in our baby wrap

  • Your baby can always be with you. Since it is held so close to your chest and it has such a close contact with your body, he/she can feel your breath, pulse and smell which enables to create a beautiful relationship between you and your baby. Simultaneously you have a feeling that your baby is hugging you whenever you carry him/her using our baby wrap
  • Carrying the baby in our baby wrap is recommended even from a health perspective for the proper development of your baby’s spine as well as it facilitates your life as a mum since it enables you to be always on the move
  • Baby wraps are very handy when travelling, space-saving as well as a very useful household since they enable you to have your baby always with you and simultaneously your hands are kept free to handle your daily routine activities
  • From a point of view of family budget baby wraps are considered an investment that is worth it since you can wear them from the time your baby is born till the time it is convenient for you and your baby
  • Baby wrap is an irreplaceable helper while nursing your baby not only when at home but also in the public to help you breastfeed discretely
  • Carrying your baby in the baby wrap helps you make your baby comfortable. Babies while being carried usually calm down, they feel balanced and relaxed
  • The development of your baby’s self-esteem and self-confidence is enhanced while being carried. From an outside world your baby can get much more stimuli for his/her psychomotor development than if lying in the crib or in pushchair. By watching you while you are doing ordinary tasks babies learn from you and are able to adapt more easily to the world outside

Customer reviews

Its been so long since I wore a wrap like this I almost forgot how comfy they are. What I love about it is its light weight and not heavy like my other carriers like this. Its a french terry fabric and not to stretchy and not to stiff. It didn't stretch and my baby didn't sag after wearing him for a while like some of my other carriers like this would. That made me happy because that's one of the reasons why I stopped wearing the other ones. Putting this one on was a breeze since I already owned some wraps like this before. My son and toddlers also love it, I guess its more comfy to them too. They love how it covers them up more when we are in the freezer isle at the grocery store or on cooler days. This wrap really is one of my new favorites I love the print on it the embroidery is good quality also.


This Wiwee wrap is a true stretchy wrap & is comparable to some of big the name brands. The material gives you a chance to get a comfortable fit for both you & baby along with making it a versatile wrap that many can use. As an experienced babyweaer I have to be honest & say stretchy wraps are not my go to carriers now that my littlest is just shy of 11 months & just over 20lbs, I find most of them to become unconformable as the day goes on if I am wearing her for anything length of time but this Wiwee wrap proves there is a comfortable stretchy wrap even with a bigger baby. The embroidery on this wrap was a surprise, I wasn't expecting it to look so nice & be so thick, I was expecting some cheap looking embroidery but this is definitely the opposite. For the price of this wrap I feel like its a complete steal for everyone who gets one. I would give this as a gift at a baby shower in a heart beat.


I like my Wiwee Baby wrap. The instructions on how to wrap the scarf around your body to create a carrier were easy to follow and I remembered them after one use. Fabric is soft, cozy, stretchable, yet sturdy. It's safe environment for a baby even when I walked up the stairs, jumped a little, bent, or just was active. I ordered it because baby wrap is a great alternative to infant car seats, strollers, swings, and bouncers, since those happened to be blamed for an increase in "flat head syndrome". I can see the great effect baby wrap has on a newborn during a transition from the life inside the womb into the outside world. Your baby is snug and safe, while your hands are free! However, I feel like I may use the standard baby carrier later as my baby gets older and heavier, not sure if the wrap will give me a good back support, will have to find out.


We are loving this WiWee Baby Wrap. This is a stretchy wrap (similar to a Moby), and at the middle marker section, there's the cute saying "Don't touch, this is my Mum". Our is black and the color stays bright even after multiple washings. This wrap is great for smaller babies and specifically nice for newborns because of the t-shirt soft material of the wrap. Very nice quality, comes in an attractive box, and it's very attractive. If you are not familiar with this style wrap or with babywearing, this might be something to get before baby arrives. That way, you can read the instructions and practice. My husband and I bought two wraps like this before baby was born and we would have competitions to see who could get wrapped up and get a stuffed animal in first...it was just a fun way to become proficient with the wrap; because all the fabric may be a bit intimidating at first.


This is an awesome baby sling wrap carrier! It's made out of high quality cloth and has strong and sturdy stitching. I have a newborn of 1 month old and this wrap carrier will last him a long, long time. It's adorable and useful. I'd recommend this to any friends with babies or small toddlers.

Dawn Eee

I am not a big fan of baby wraps, but this one in particular I really do enjoy. I am glad it came with instructions on how to wrap it, and they were simple enough to work for me. This wrap came in a cute box, which I absolutely love because it makes a cute baby shower gift. I have an infant and it holds her very good, and its thick so I know she is secure. I have used this for a couple weeks already and have not had any problems with it.


Your Question

When can I start using Wiwee Baby Wrap and till what baby age is it suitable for carrying your little one?

Wiwee Baby Wrap can be used to carry your baby even during the first three months of its life. Of course it is necessary to apply the right form of the baby wrap tying since babies of this age cannot hold their heads up only by themselves. In this period the babies need a tremendous support and so the way how to carry the baby in the baby wrap has to be adapted accordingly. Carrying capacity of the wrap is up to 15 kilos. The wrap adapts to the needs of the baby as your little one is growing so it can be used simply from the time your baby is born up to time both of you feel comfortable wearing it.

What is the composition of fabric the Wiwee Baby Wrap is made from?

Material used for baby wrap production consists of a 95% of premium-quality cotton and a 5% of spandex in order for baby wrap to be flexible enough and adaptable for the baby as well as for the mommy.

How to take care of your Wiwee Baby Wrap?

Proper care of your baby wrap is essential so that you can enjoy its benefits as long as possible. It is recommended to wash the wrap in cold water while the temperature cannot exceed 30C and let it dry naturally. It is not recommended to bleach, dye or otherwise interfere in the fabric composition of your baby wrap since it could cause the irretrievable damage and so prevent you from wearing it in the future.

Is Wiwee Baby Wrap safe for your baby?

Baby Wiwee Baby Wrap is made of high-quality materials which enable you to carry your baby safely up to the weight of 15 kilos so you do not have to worry about its safety. It is essential to tie the wrap according to the instructions and finally to fix it properly so that it does not move down due to the weight of your baby.

Is Wiwee Baby Wrap really a / ONE SIZE / fits all?

Baby wrap is 5 m long and 0.5 m wide so you do not have to worry that it will not be large enough. Even in case you are shorter in height it is enough to wrap the baby wrap around your waist several times and finally tie it according to the provided instructions.